Welcome to the All New atheistjustin.com

Hello, assholes.

If this is your first time here, welcome to atheistjustin.com! Hope you’re not already offended. And I guess, if you are, fuck off.

For those of you who are my old-time fans, who’ve been with me all these years, welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED atheistjustin.com. Where’s all the old stuff? Well, it’s still around on atheistjustin.blogspot.com, but moving forward, THIS is where all my posts, news, podcasts, etc. will be going.

I simply couldn’t bring myself to delete the old site after 6 years of profane, inappropriate posting. It has become a part of me. A very crude, anus and nipple-filled part of me.

Why the move? Well I’ll fuckin tell ya.

I’m old.

I’m a grown up boy. It’s time for a professional-ish website. All new layout, a functional menu, and a place that no longer makes as many mentions of underage drinking, references to Korean hookers, and the colloquialisms of an overly expressive 16 year old.

Now it’s time for a place for an overly expressive 21 year old to make the exact same mistakes.

On this new site, my beloved fans: new and old, you’ll find the blog section (where ur fuckin ass is at right now), the podcast section for my podcasts (didn’t think you could figure it out), as well as a merchandise section for my books and other atheistjustin items, and a contact section where you can send me hate mail and tell me that my atheist views are going to land me straight to hell.

Questions and comments, or things I find interesting, or funny, or incredibly fucking stupid, will be read and remarked on the ~podcast.~

Hopefully, now that because I’m paying significantly more for this website than the old one, I’ll be writing and posting more. Being that I’m done with the Fraternity life and nearly done with college, there should be more time in the coming months to write, reflect, and say nipples.

Podcasts will be done and uploaded every Sunday, as per my New Years Resolution (I’m a fag) and blogs should, in theory, be done around the same time.

Here’s to a new year and a new website.

I will now leave you all with a picture of a newborn chinchilla.

Baby chinchilla

Published by J. Cassidy Hawthorne

Writer. Former stand-up. Sommelier.

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