How many more times?




They say change is good. I don’t know who ‘they’ is, but I think they is right.

I don’t know how many times I’ve changed what I’ve wanted my website to be. First, it was just a blog for ramblings, some place to talk smack about people in class and shit on my high school, on the internet. It got me some notoriety, which I guess is a plus.

Then I was going to be a stand-up and I needed a ‘professional’ website for that- but is there anything professional about a guy that uses a profile picture of himself eating yogurt? Exactly.

But, we’re at a point now where people that were in my industry (food and wine) are sitting at home, collecting government checks with not much else to do. We’re all still employed, furloughed for an unknown period of time. Who ever thought we’d get to live in a sci-fi book?

There is hope, of course, when you sift through the tumultuous pile of news broadcasted by main stream media. Some say the curve is flattening. Some say certain things will open back up again. We are being careful. But- there is hope on the horizon.


Well, either way. Whether this lasts another 6 months or an entire year, my people have 1 thing for sure: time. Lots and lots of time.

We can’t go out. We can’t coordinate. We can’t explore but we can investigate.

As I wrote in my last piece of stream of consciousness blogging, I’ve taken this time to try and think about myself. How did I get where I was? A sommelier? A wine-buff? What happened that that 17-year old who wanted to be a writer? What about the 20-year old who wanted to be a stand-up?

I was always a creative- but I stopped creating and started intaking. Money was a factor- a pretty large one. But, how fortunate that, for the moment, it isn’t.

But- I’m getting carried away and distracted as I tend to. The thing is, I’m a writer, dammit. I forgot it. I really did.

But I’m back- and with that being said, I need my long-abandoned website, that extension of myself, to correlate with my intention. If I am to write, then let’s write.

“To begin, begin.” – William Wordsworth


Published by J. Cassidy Hawthorne

Writer. Former stand-up. Sommelier.

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