Why Alex Jones is the Friedrich Nietzsche of our Generation

As I type this, Joe Rogan’s latest podcast, ‘Alex Jones Returns!’ is on in the distance. Listening to this is what I imagine it feels like to do a speedball of meth and adrenaline while being trapped in a library. It’s a trip. Anyway, Alex Jones is basically what Nietzsche would have been like ifContinue reading “Why Alex Jones is the Friedrich Nietzsche of our Generation”

Why There Will Never Be Another Sopranos

The dust from the 20th anniversary of the hit HBO show is just settling as hoards of fans of the mob show have finally ceased their incessant instagrams, tweets, and Facebook posts. But, I think that while the acting of James Gandolfini is timeless, the creativity of David Chase is unparalleled, and the ensuing andContinue reading “Why There Will Never Be Another Sopranos”

How I Realized That God is Real and That it Completely Makes Sense That a Virgin Woman Got Impregnated By Him to Give Birth to a Hipster in Order for Him to Get nailed to a Lower Case ‘t’ in Order to Save Us From the Decision of A Woman to Listen to a Talking Snake

I did not. God is not real; nor are any stories in religion.