J. Cassidy Moves out to New York City

Just saying, I wrote that blogpost about Louie and like a month later he did that thing where he tried to come back. Just saying. Not saying Louie reads my blog- but, just saying. Just saying. Okay, anyway. I moved to New York City. Well, technically I moved to Brooklyn, but that’s a borough ofContinue reading “J. Cassidy Moves out to New York City”

It’s Time to Bring Back Louis C.K.

While plenty is going on in my personal life to go on and on about, which is typically what I spend my blogposts rambling on, I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now. Since I haven’t thrown something up here since May, I figured I’d better snap to it already. So, here’s theContinue reading “It’s Time to Bring Back Louis C.K.”