De Viginti by Vinchio Vaglio Serra

Did I have a stroke? No, the title is just written in Italian. Wanted to talk to you guys about my new sponsor, my first sponsor, my favorite sponsor: De Viginti, a boxed wine by the Italian winery Vinchio Vaglio Serra, is a fucking delicious alternative to whatever fucking poison you’ve been drinking. Listen, I’mContinue reading “De Viginti by Vinchio Vaglio Serra”

Atheisjustin’s Asshole Attempts Acid

How you like the assonance in the title? Pretty fuckin dope right? English major over here. What up cunts. This is an old post that actually, for some reason, never made it onto my original site. This is about the time my buddy tried acid for the first time and all the fun that ensuedContinue reading “Atheisjustin’s Asshole Attempts Acid”