Burnt Film, short story. 

The Lighter, poem.

A Thought I Had in Hell, poem.

Polaroids For Her, short story. 

Drugs, Drinks, and Cigarettes, novella.

Casper, short story.

Differentiation, short story.

Palm Trees in Kentucky, short story.

Came Israel, short story.

Unknown, flash fiction.

Caveman, flash fiction.

Jules, poem.

Of Sweat and Men and Gasoline, short story.

Clouds, flash fiction.

The Little Black Book I Found in the Wall, short story.

You Can Have Her, screenplay

The Bartender’s Guide to Making It, novel.



“Justin, thank you for your help. Sending out engaging letters to our supporters is critical in keeping our mission going. Your writing is touching and will hopefully help motivate people towards supporting SOMOS.”
– Sam Bensely, founder & chairman of SOMOS, the Nicaragua Project

“We truly enjoyed the read.”
-Michael Shields, Editor in Chief, Across the Margin / ATM Publishing

“Good stuff… I enjoyed the chance to read your work.”
-J.W. McCormack, the Baffler

“There was a lot to like about this piece. Such a powerful story idea – a shelter-worker falling in love with someone who might depend on a shelter. It gave me a genuine emotional punch, and I’m sure that punch would be accessible to almost anyone, regardless of their background, which is a rare feat for a story! Your prose was also super clean and readable. There is some great writing here, and you’ve done a great job.”
-Jacob, editor at Jam & Sand

“This is great. Thank you Justin. We are going with what you wrote for the label.”
-Jake Stein, Director of Operations at Private Label Productions

“Your piece put me in mind of Calvino. One of my favorite writers. I would be honored to publish this great piece.”
-George Salis, Editor at The Collidescope

“You’re definitely one of the most talented writers I’ve had on the staff.”
-Chris Turrisi, Editor in Chief of turrisisports.com


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