Why Alex Jones is the Friedrich Nietzsche of our Generation

As I type this, Joe Rogan’s latest podcast, ‘Alex Jones Returns!’ is on in the distance. Listening to this is what I imagine it feels like to do a speedball of meth and adrenaline while being trapped in a library. It’s a trip.

Anyway, Alex Jones is basically what Nietzsche would have been like if he was born in the United States and had access to the internet. I’ll make it really easy for you to understand my claim.

I was a philosophy minor in college. I’m sure it was totally worth it. One of my most fond classes during my time at Rutgers was a class on Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud. As you might have guessed, during this class I spent a large portion of the semester reading works by old Freddy.

Here’s what I can tell you about Nietzsche: He was bat shit fucking nuts. I’m not really sure why we study him or why he’s given so much clout because all Freddyboy did was just spew insane claims with absolutely 0 evidence to back his claim. Basically the exact same shit Jones does.

While Jones ravages on and on about inter-dimensional child rapists, a secret Globalist Agenda, and pig-human hybrids, Nietzsche was rambling on about how the Jews invented Jesus and how it’s really not that bad of an idea to have sex with your parents.

You think I’m making this shit up? Get yourself a copy of the Nietzsche reader and just sift through a few of his insane ramblings. It’ll take you only minutes to realize that Nietzsche is just an early 20th century version of Alex Jones with a fucked-up mustache.

My overall point is: throughout history, there have been talented story tellers. Some of these story tellers are, frankly, totally fucking INsane. Among those are Nietzsche and Jones.

Published by J. Cassidy Hawthorne

Writer. Former stand-up. Sommelier.

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